Saint Jean Industries Inc. offers jobs in Heber Springs

Since 2006, Saint Jean Industries, supplier for Ford, Tesla, GM, Chrylser, FCA, Stellantis and many more, has grown considerably to become a leader of the Aluminum suspension parts for the whole United States.

The plant of Heber Springs, with 2 buildings, one for casting (right), the other for machining (left)

Saint Jean Industries also became the biggest employer in Heber Springs, with more than 450 employees, “a huge company for a little town” says Fabrice Grenouillat, Plant Manager. “We are glad to participate in the development of our county and offer job opportunities” adds fabrice.  To meet the needs of major automakers like Elon Musk’s, we also need competencies, “production operator, HSE Engineer, Technicians…”, despite the high standards, we like to say that we are like a “big family”.

“Implication, Team spirit, Humility, Creativity, Passion,” that’s our values, we have a lot of knowledge here, and we would like to share it. That’s one of the reasons that we provide more jobs here, in Heber Springs. 

Training of the people is our priority, with or without experience, we want to give a chance to people who want more competencies. Saint Jean Industries also offers a lot of advantages, like 401k matching, good insurance, weekly overtime bonuses, company paid uniform and shoes, and many more…

So, if you are looking for a job in the Heber Springs areas, we look forward to meeting you!

You can see our job offers here: SAINT JEAN INDUSTRIES Jobs in Heber Springs, AR |