A major issue for our future

The mobility sector, and in particular the automotive industry, is undergoing a major transformation to allow everyone to move around while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Beyond the technical requirements of each project, our products are designed and manufactured with this issue in mind.


Autonomy by 2035

Saint Jean Industries has launched a long term project to generate its own renewable electrical energy. Our objective is to become autonomous by 2035.

At the same time, all our sites are constantly improving their energy management to reduce consumption. This is reflected in medium-term projects such as the recovery and use of waste heat from our production systems.

Raw material

Low carbon primary material and recycling

We have a panel of suppliers capable of supplying us with low-carbon aluminum. We already have a large part of our production that uses primary aluminum with less than 2.7 tCO2 / t of material. 

100% of this raw material is used on our sites.

Blocs d'aluminium reçus par SJI

Feeder material, set-up parts, machining chips, or defective parts are automatically remelted and reused in the production cycle. Thus, the parts produced can contain up to 40% of recycled aluminum. 

Our ambition is to use an ever higher percentage of recycled aluminum, up to more than 80% by 2030.

Being "glocal"

As close as possible

Our production sites are located in different regions of the world. They have similar manufacturing technologies. They are able to offer identical products for the same platform in different locations. This avoids very long logistic flows and limits the carbon impact of transport.

Voiture digitale

Parts and systems engineering

Integration of functions and lightening

Voiture digitale

By creating parts that integrate multiple functions, we limit manufacturing, assembly and transportation operations, and thus their carbon impact.

By optimizing the weight of each designed part, we limit the amount of material used, the energy required to manufacture them, and the transportation.