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Saint Jean Industries is a family group, 100% owner.

The management of the group

  • The President : Emile Di Serio
  • The General Manager : Marie-Thérèse Di Serio

A strategic committee in charge, with the Di Serio family, of taking medium and long-term decisions to ensure the group’s sustainability and development. This committee is made up of cross-functional directors at group level, and representatives of the essential departments in the organization:

  • A Group Sales Director
  • A Group Purchasing Director
  • A Group Human Resources Director
  • A Group Finance Director

The link between the vision and the medium/long-term missions is made with the Management Committee, which is made up of the directors of each of the group’s production sites.

Our human resources policy

The creation of value obviously involves the development of human capital. Our recruitment process allows us to qualify candidates both in terms of their technical skills and their ability to develop fully within our organizations.

Employé de Saint Jean Industries

We are committed to developing skills with an ambitious training plan because we support a “learning company” approach. Finally, in addition to a dynamic social dialogue, we are committed to being attentive and active in motivating our workforce.


At Saint Jean industries, all the actors ensure the perenniality of the group, we ensure that they are force of proposal and innovation.

Our job offers

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Our gender equality index at Saint Jean industries is 90/100 for the year 2022.

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