High fatigue life resistance

High design freedom

Improved mechanical properties
Manufacturing process dedicated to suspension parts lightweighting
The marriage of the foundry and the forge
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Aluminum wheels
Body in white & crash management
Suspensions & braking systems
Delivering solutions for lighter vehicles
What do Saint Jean Industries, CMR and Beringer have in common?
A family Group with a worldwide presence, Saint Jean Industries specializes in manufacturing parts and sub-assemblies for the automotive, aeronautic, motorcycle, heavy truck and industrial markets.
Emile Di Serio tells us the adventure of Saint Jean, an adventure of family entrepreneurship, driven by passion and openness...
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Our activities

Saint Jean Industries is organized by commodities or product divisions:

Chassis & body in white

Saint Jean Industries now provides complete modules, from suspension to braking systems, and also structural parts and subsets.

Aluminum wheels

Saint Jean Wheels has developed the exclusive COBAWHEELS™ technology for making aluminum rims lighter without compromising on design or strength.


Saint Jean Industries finds ways to reduce weight and improve efficiency when designing and manufacturing engine parts and sub-assemblies.


Producing technical parts with a wide array of applications, from energy transmission and distribution to special machinery and ropeway drive systems.


Cutting tools and tooling

Saint Jean Tooling, specializes in the design and production of cutting tools, foundry tools, forge tools, and machining assemblies.


Saint Jean Aero is specialized in the machining and assembly of hard metal parts for the aeronautics market.

Innovation is in our DNA

At Saint Jean Industries we have primarily focused our expansion efforts on the market for aluminum parts as this metal offers advantages in terms of weight and mechanical properties. Considerable investment in Research and Development has helped continuously push the boundaries of design and manufacturing, resulting in significantly lighter vehicles. By incorporating new technologies, the scope of innovation was widened to include other areas. These are covered by four key concepts.

Weight reduction

allègement saint jean industries

Design, technology, the right materials…Saint Jean Industries studies and sorts through all possible combinations to identify the solutions that guarantee optimal results.

Mechanical properties

propriétés mécaniques saint jean industries

Exploring the full range of possibilities for existing materials and technologies to deliver the ultimate part.


Studying solutions to improve the flow of gases and liquids inside engines to boost efficiency.

Reducing frictions

Design and materials come together to create solutions that limit friction losses in mechanical systems

Our Group…

About us

Saint Jean Industries is a family-owned company that values dynamism and innovation. Since 1962, we have consistently demonstrated our capacity to use innovation to deliver solutions that meet technical and cost specifications. The COBAPRESS process is the best example of this.

Beginning as a foundry, over the years Saint Jean Industries evolved into a forge, a miller and now a turnkey manufacturer. Our Group’s transformation is the result of our continuous improvement policy, which is tailored to meet our customers’ needs. Today, our expertise as manufacturers and the quality of our components are recognized throughout the world in many different industries: automotive, aeronautics, energy, chemicals, and more.

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