Activities at Saint Jean Industries

Automotive, aeronautics, industry…

Saint Jean Industries has positioned itself to deliver innovative solutions for the transportation and industrial machinery sectors.

Organizing our activities into product divisions provides an overview of our main business lines.

Group product divisions

Currently the transportation sector, particularly the automotive segment, accounts for the largest portion of our business at around 80%. In this market, Saint Jean is one of the top players for three divisions or sub-categories of products: chassis, engines and wheels.

The industrial or production equipment division is expanding along with its niche markets.


saint jean industries chassis

Châssis and suspensions

Saint Jean Industries is specialized in engineering and manufacturing of lightweight corner suspension module assembly and chassis / suspension parts as knucklesyokes, clevis, damper forkwheel carrierscontrol armssuspension bracketbi-material brake disk

saint jean industries groupe motopropulseur

Groupe motopropulseur

For both internal combustion and electrical vehicles, our group offers solutions for the powertrain lightweighting and the fuel efficiency. Saint Jean Industries produces all types of powertrain components in aluminum, cast iron and steel.

saint jean wheels products

Jantes aluminium

Our COBAWHEELS™ technology, combining COBAPRESS™, friction-stir welding (FSW) and flow-turning, significantly reduces the weight of large-diameter aluminum rims

Aluminum structural subsets, crash management, body in white

Saint Jean Industries Stuttgart specializes in the machiningbending and assembly by welding of complex aluminum subsets for the structure of vehicles such as bumper, batteries protections for electric vehicle, cradles, subframes … 

saint jean industries pump


The industrial division includes a wide variety of applications, from energy transmission and distribution to special machinery and ropeway drive systems.

outils coupants saint jean tooling

Outils coupants et outillages

Saint Jean Tooling, specializes in the design and production of cutting tools, foundry tools, forge tools, and machining assemblies.

Innovation at Saint Jean Industries

The secret to the continued growth and expansion of Saint Jean Industries is our policy of continuous innovation, an integral part of our Group’s DNA.

All Saint Jean staff members are stakeholders in this innovation process, actively participating in NEXT groups tasked with envisioning innovative products and technologies.

Our COBAPRESS™ technology is a perfect example, as our Research and Development center has applied for around ten patents relating to this innovation.

From this initial technological development came ground-breaking products, like our ultra-light COBAWHEELS™ aluminum rims or dual-material COBADISK™ brake discs.

Other new projects are now also being developed within the company or with outside partners (academia, companies, clusters, etc.).

innovations saint jean industries

The keywords for our innovations

allègement saint jean industries

Weight reduction

Design, technology, the right materials…Saint Jean Industries studies and sorts through all possible combinations to identify the solutions that guarantee optimal results.

propriétés mécaniques saint jean industries

Mechanical properties

Exploring the full range of possibilities for existing materials and technologies to deliver the ultimate part.


Studying solutions to improve the flow of gases and liquids inside engines to boost efficiency.

Reducing frictions

Design and materials come together to create solutions that limit friction losses in mechanical systems.

Technologies integrator

As our group has grown, Saint Jean Industries has integrated and developed new technologies to keep pace with needs.

Today, Saint Jean Industries has positioned itself to deliver comprehensive solutions, from the design stage all the way through simulation, prototype validation, tooling production, industrialization, and, ultimately, mass production.

This extensive integration enables our Group to control the entire value chain, resulting in better responsiveness and agility.

We are experts in these production processes:

  • Aluminum casting: including gravity die, low-pressure casting and sand molding.
  • The COBAPRESS™: a hybrid process combining casting and forging
  • Iron and steel casting: shell molding (Croning)
  • Bending of aluminum extruded profiles
  • The assembly by welding of aluminum subsets
  • Machining and assembly with automated cells

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