Our various decarbonation projects

For several years now, Saint Jean Industries has been very involved in decarbonation and in the fact of wanting to protect our planet from CO2 emissions as much as possible to slow down global warming. We have thought about different solutions to consume less and to become an eco-responsible company.

We therefore undertook the project of installing several solar panels on our various sites, whether on the roof of our different sites but also by building “solar carpots”. Structures manufactured by our company and set up on the parking lots “employees” of our various sites. An objective to recover the maximum of energy in order to be eco-responsible as soon as possible but at the same time an objective of well-being for our different employees in order to park their car in the shade when they want.

Our project in Changshu

We are pleased to announce the completion of our first decarbonization project with the installation of photovoltaic panels on the entire roof of our Chinese site located in the Changshu industrial zone.

This project, which has been under consideration for many years, has finally seen the light of day, much to our delight.

Our project in Valladolid

In addition, we recently launched another decarbonization project in Valladolid. The entire roof of our Spanish site is being covered with photovoltaic panels. But that’s not all!

In fact, our Spanish site will be equipped with “solar carpots” and work has already begun. This project which is currently in progress should be finished in a few weeks.

And it's far from over...

Indeed, internally, we are planning other decarbonization projects on our various sites such as our site in Germany but also in France on several sites.

Our objective is very clear: to enable Saint Jean Industries to be neutral from 2039 in terms of CO2 emissions.

Saint Jean Industries made of the decarbonation one of its priority objectives because all the group feels concerned by the respect and the protection of our planet which is more and more in danger these last years.

Other projects were obviously thought and started to be set up by Saint Jean Industries with the reduction of CO2 emissions in the manufacture of our parts is the reduction of CO2 emissions per kg of aluminum / kWh.

These projects implemented are the following:

  • Neutrality in terms of CO2 thanks to the supply of decarbonized aluminum
  • Use only low-carbon primary aluminum from renewable energy.

We have several projects allowing the reduction of CO2 emissions with the decarbonization of our products but also with the decarbonization of our different sites thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panel farms.

“We want to participate in a cleaner world, with fewer resources, less energy and less time.”

Emile Di Serio, President of SJI