Saint Jean Industries Group

A history dating back more than 50 years…

The rise of Saint Jean Industries is closely linked to the Di Serio family, the company’s founders and leaders who have maintained a consistent focus on innovating and expanding in the global market.


“Working for a cleaner world and reducing the use of natural resources to save capital, energy and time.”


“Becoming a strong, independent international industrial company that is a force to be reckoned with, delivering innovative solutions to customers, improving business and product-line expertise daily, and searching for “blue oceans” where everyone can develop and thrive.”

* Blue Ocean: A market created by expanding our current sphere of operations. A lack of self-reflection, combined with a certain complacency and increasingly fierce competition, could turn this into a red ocean. (Image of the blood spilled if you go for a swim in that shark-infested ocean).

Nos valeurs


To be involved, communication is required at all levels of the company. Being responsible and be able to make proposals.


It is respect for yourself and others in all modesty. Listening and recognizing the value and skills of others.

Team spirit

It’s moving forward by putting everyone’s skills into a common goal because none of us knows what we all know together!


Perpetual search for new ideas in both personal and professional fields. Inspire passion:

Learning from others,

Share experiences,

To transmit its skills.


It is the driving force of inspiration to conceive ideas and realized them. Imagine together the improvements for tomorrow’s work: Working conditions – Processes – Products.

Key figures

Employees around the world
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Group locations

+ infos SJI SAS (Head) + infos SJI Laval + infos SJI Lorraine + infos SJI Changshu + infos SJI Stuttgart + infos
Plant in Heber Springs, Arkansas
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SJI Valladolid - Spain
Plant in Valladolid

Saint Jean Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. - China
Plant in Changshu

SJI China
Sales office in Shanghai
Myunghwa - South Korea
Technologic partner
SJI k.k. - Japan
Sales in Tokyo
Sales office in Michigan
SJI Laval - France
Plant in Changé, Mayenne
SJI Lorraine - France
Plant in Harol and Thaon-les-Vosges
SJI SAS & SJT subsidiary - France
Plant in Belleville en Beaujolais (Head)
SJI Stuttgart - Germany
Plant in Stuttgart
+ infos
Plant in Ohio
SJI - Sweden
Sales office in Göteborg
SJI - Italy
Sales office in Turin
+ infos
SJI doo - Croatia
Plant in Slavonski Brod
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The Saint Jean story

Saint Jean Industries was founded in 1962. The family company, first specialized in aluminum casting of small technical parts, developed later to become the international group of today. A story closely linked to the Di Serio family.

You can see the important dates that marked its development. And if you also want to know more about its history and view archive images, a dedicated page is available by following the link below.

Quality Policy – Health, Safety and Environment – Corporate Social Responsability

Quality – Satisfying our customers

The ferocity of the competition between our customers is unparalleled in the world of industry. For them, the key to competitiveness lies with suppliers, who must deliver:

  • Impeccable quality with zero defects
  • Ever lower prices
  • Faster turnaround times.

Only suppliers that meet these requirements will be awarded future contracts.

For the St Jean Industries Group, the secret to keeping our business competitive involves:

  • Constantly seeking out technical innovations
  • Optimizing our developments and ensuring their reliability
  • Managing high-risk parameters using process locks (SSR products)
  • Implementing a quality system that relies on continuous improvement
  • Helping our human resources continue to evolve in terms of qualifications and expertise along with the company

These are the strategic priorities that guarantee the medium- and long-term satisfaction of our customers.

Health, Safety & Environment

Environment and Safety constitute an integral part of our continuous improvement approach.

Saint Jean industries is committed to sustainable development, eco-design and eco-Innovation. That is why we instituted a clear environmental policy in the regions where our production units are located:

  • Finding alternatives for dangerous chemicals, reducing waste and improving energy efficiency
  • Preventing all risks related to occupational health and safety
  • Developing environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes
  • Maintaining an environmental culture as we carry out our work and manage our units
  • Providing appropriate information to our customers, our staff, our partners, and our suppliers.

Certifications at each site (click on the crosses to view them):

SitesISO 9001IATF 16949EN 9100ISO 14001
Saint Jean Industries SAS (France)XX X
Saint Jean Industries doo (Croatia)XX X
Saint Jean Industries Inc (USA)XX X
Saint Jean Industries Laval (France)XX X
Saint Jean Industries Lorraine (France)XXX 
Saint Jean Industries Stuttgart (Germany)XX X
Saint Jean Industries Valladolid (Spain)XX X
Saint Jean Automotive Systems Co. Ltd (China)XX  


The quality of the products delivered to Saint Jean Industries’ clients is largely dependent upon that of the goods and services that it purchases.

The Supplier Quality Assurance program specifies how Saint Jean Industries intends to apply the guidelines of its quality policy in its relationships with suppliers and in quality management for the products purchased.

This program is vital for ensuring the continued performance of the Saint Jean Industries Group and for enabling it to achieve its strategic goals.

Through this program, Saint Jean Industries hopes to:

  • Implement, together with its suppliers, the conditions necessary to ensure the overall quality of all products purchased, throughout their life cycle
  • Establish strong and lasting relationships with its suppliers, based on mutual trust
  • Challenge its suppliers to manage their quality and continuous improvement processes
  • Promote innovation among its suppliers.