SJI, partner of DHBW Engineering for the “Formula Student Netherland 2019”

DHBW Engineering

The Formula Student team of the Cooperative State University Stuttgart (DHBW) is about 100 team members organised in 8 sub-teams. They’ll compete against the best teams in the world with their newest reduced-weight car eSleek19.

You can discover the DHBW Engineering Team Interview on this link:

Formula Student Netherland 2019

They will participate to the Formula Student Netherland which will be held from 6th until 11th of July 2019, at the TT Circuit in Assen.

In this competition, students build a single seat formula racecar with which they can compete against teams from all over the world. The competition is not won solely by the team with the fastest car, but rather by the team with the best overall package of construction, performance, and financial and sales planning

The challenge the teams face is to compose a complete package consisting of a well-constructed racecar and a sales plan that best matches these given criteria. The decision is made by a jury of experts from the motorsport, automotive and supplier industries. The jury will judge every team’s car and sales plan based on construction, cost planning and sales presentation. The rest of the judging will be done out on the track, where the students demonstrate in a number of performance tests how well their self-built racecars fare in their true environment.

We are proud to be partner of DHBW Engineering. SJI Stuttgart support them in welding work, they got involved in the roll cage, suspension and the quick out assembly for the steering wheel.