Saint Jean Industries press release


  • A player in the economy (February 1): “Saint Jean Industries sets foot in Spain”.


  • The New Republic (January 30): “The aluminum foundry conquers America”.
  • Usine Nouvelle (September 8): “Saint Jean Industries, the foundryman inflated by lightening”.
  • Les Echos (September 23rd): “The automotive equipment manufacturer Saint Jean is banking on electromobility”.


  • Le Progrès (March 8): “Saint Jean Industries plays a good card in front of the senators”.
  • Le Progrès (May 19): “The other way of Emile Di Serio”.
  • La nouvelle République (October 17): “Renault renews its confidence in the aluminum foundry”.
  • First ECO (October 21): “The Saint Jean Industries de Changé plant has just won a contract with Voith”.
  • Brief Rhône-Alpes Auvergne (November 18): “Saint Jean Industries will invest €8M in China”.
  • The New Republic (November 25): “The horizon clears for the aluminum foundry”.


  • Car engineer (May 24): “30kg lighter on chassis parts”.
  • Lyon entreprise (June 17): “Automotive techdays: Rhônalpines SMBs sell their know-how to global automotive manufacturers”.
  • The New Republic (September 10): “The aluminium foundry wins new contracts”.
  • Progress (September 23rd): “Automobiles: they’re on the move”.
  • France métallurgie (October 23): “Tesla rewards Saint Jean Industries for its aluminum component quality”.
  • Economic players (November 26): “Saint Jean Industries targets China and Mexico”.


  • PSA Peugeot Citroën has labeled Saint Jean Industries “Major Supplier”. PSA label press review (March)
  • La Nouvelle République (April 20): “The aluminum foundry has found a buyer.”
  • La Nouvelle République (May 16): “Relief after the final negotiations”.


  • Fonderie Magazine (May 2011) : “Saint Jean Industries: a dynamic company with an international outlook”.


  • Beaujolais Mag (March): “Saint-Jean Industries, a multinational with Beaujolais roots”.
  • Usine Nouvelle (April): “Hats off to Saint Jean, GM Supplier of the Year 2009”.
  • Le Progrés (August 31): “Saint Jean Industries returns to growth”.
  • Cap news (September 13) : “FMEA Rank 2 announces an investment alongside Saint Jean Industries”.
  • Les Echos (September 16): “Saint Jean Industries takes control of Fournier”.
  • Usine Nouvelle (October 28): “The anti-crisis regime of Saint Jean Industries”.
  • Le Progrés (December 10): “The SJI Medalist of Labour”.
  • Takeover of the Fundo plant by Saint Jean Industries


  • The Palatine Bank (May): “The Special Jury Prize awarded to Saint Jean Industries”.
  • La tribune (March) : “Saint Jean Industries puts the turbo on”.
  • Entreprendre en Beaujolais (December): “Economic intelligence: a key to growth”.


  • Hommes & Fonderie (October): “The COBAPRESS™ process: a process rich in twenty-five years of experience, which has a bright future ahead of it”.


  • Les Echos (October 4): “Takeover of SUPERIOR”.
  • New plant (November 8): “Saint Jean Industries takes over one of its licensees”.
  • Entreprise Beaujolais (December): “These companies that choose the world as their playground”