New visual identity for innovative group

For over 50 years, the Saint Jean Industries group has grown, developed overseas, acquired new expertise and provided innovative solutions to its customers. This growth continues, thanks to shared values, and thanks to the group’s spirit and culture which remains family-oriented.

More than simply a sign, the Saint Jean Industries brand has to convey this spirit and these values. Its brand must reflect its mission, which is “Working for a cleaner world and reducing the use of natural resources to save capital, energy and time.

The triangle remains omnipresent, and takes the stylized form of a heart (LOVE CAN DO), with a nod to the history of the crucible. It is a single and infinite part, embodying engagement and above all involvement.

The skeleton of the triangle, the proportions and the layout have been studied with the golden ratio to make the overall result as pleasing as possible to the eye.

The font has been softened, and is more contemporary, simple and refined. As its name suggests, it evokes serenity but also one of the group’s important values: humility.
The term “Industries” appears smaller, secondary, simply to balance the logo and explicitly demonstrate the group’s activity.