Testimony – R&D manager

ressources humaines temoignage rd


“One thing that I really like about Saint Jean is the company’s family atmosphere, the involvement of our President and all the directors; this facilitates dialogue and helps us make decisions more quickly. This has been the mindset ever since I joined the company. Even after the considerable external growth we have experienced in the past few years, our communications have remained very productive and straightforward. This is true at the individual level as well as the technical and technological level. In research and innovation, you need this kind of openness and diversity to generate new ideas. There are an endless number of fascinating combinations made possible by the technical expertise we have brought on board. On top of that, there is the chance to advance within the company, as I did. I started in the Quality laboratory and then had the opportunity to set up the Research, Innovations and Development office. Now I work with a team of 4 people and our family is still growing.”

ressources humaines temoignage operateur

Amadou, Multi-skilled Operator

« J’aime l’idée de faire partie d’un groupe référent du secteur automobile »

ressources humaines temoignage chef de projets

Coralie, Projects manager

“I like the simple, direct contact and open-mindedness.”

ressources humaines temoignage program manager

Jim, Project manager

« it is exciting to see the path to innovativeness that Saint Jean travels to reach our high goals of quality and design »