Testimony – project manager

ressources humaines temoignage chef de projets

Coralie, Project Manager

“When I applied to Saint Jean Industries I was surprised by the simple, direct contact and the open-mindedness I found. Because I had just had a baby, I was really worried about what the hiring managers would think. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were very understanding and accommodating about my situation. As long as I meet my targets, I can balance my personal and professional lives relatively easily. As an added bonus, the general atmosphere and working conditions are very motivating. Besides these interpersonal aspects, there is also the fact that I really like my work because it is varied and I never do the same thing twice! When it comes to project management, we have a lot of latitude. We are responsible for handling new project launches from start to finish. And each project is different, especially since Saint Jean never rests on its laurels and frequently positions itself on new markets. To succeed in my work, I have to collaborate with many contacts at the company and every stage brings its own particular challenges. Although this can sometimes seem a little tedious, I think it is one of the company’s strengths that helps us to continue breaking new ground. “

ressources humaines temoignage rd

Véronique, R&D manager

“In research and innovation, you need this kind of openness and diversity to generate new ideas.”

ressources humaines temoignage operateur

Amadou, Multi-skilled Operator

“I like the idea of belonging to one of the top groups in the automotive sector.”

ressources humaines temoignage program manager

Jim, Project manager

“it is exciting to see the path to innovativeness that Saint Jean travels to reach our high goals of quality and design”