Testimony – Multi-skilled Operator

ressources humaines temoignage operateur

Amadou, Multi-skilled operator

“I started out as a temp, first in the construction sector and then at Saint Jean Tooling in 2003; finally, a few months later I was assigned to the machining department at Saint Jean Industries SAS. After working in that position, they offered me a permanent multi-skilled operator contract. What really touched me was the fact that the CEO herself, Mrs. Di Serio, is the one who made me the offer. This may not seem like a big deal, but that was when I realized how much the company values its people. I still love coming to work, in part because of the great team atmosphere. People here get along well, and I think that is what makes a company a good place to work. Plus, I like the idea of belonging to one of the top groups in the automotive sector. This is very motivating and it makes me want to do my part to keep things moving in the right direction. “

ressources humaines temoignage rd

Véronique, R&D manager

“In research and innovation, you need this kind of openness and diversity to generate new ideas.”

ressources humaines temoignage chef de projets

Coralie, Projects manager

“I like the simple, direct contact and open-mindedness.”

ressources humaines temoignage program manager

Jim, Project manager

« it is exciting to see the path to innovativeness that Saint Jean travels to reach our high goals of quality and design »