First stone of the future plant in China

First stone of the future plant in China:  Saint Jean Automotive Systems Co,.Ltd

In our news of the January 25th, 2017 we announced the official signature of an establishment agreement in China in the town of Changshu to build a production site.

A year and a half later, a ceremony has been organized on the construction field to celebrate the start of the building. We have been honored to welcome many of our local partners and share with them this event which is also the first footprint of Saint Jean Industries in the Asian market. To this occasion, Emile Di Serio, President of SJI group, declared: « In 2003 we initiated the first plant outside of France in Eastern Europe. Since then we are starting in Changshu our 12th plant. We believe also we need to be “Glocal” (Global and Local) and produce where our Customers are ».

The new plant should start its activities at the end of 2019, and will afford the production of aluminum parts for chassis of automobiles as: knuckles, control arms, yokes, damper forks… to supply the fast growing Asia-Pacific market. The technological options selected are: aluminum casting, COBAPRESS™ and machining for now. « This plant should be also at the edge of technology utilizing the most efficient automated processes with engineering skills that will grow in parallel to production » has pointed out Emile Di Serio.

See you in a year for the opening ceremony!